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Frogger Use the cursor keys to move your frog across the road, then across the river without getting run over or drowned!!
Asteriods Destroy the asteroids before they destroy you. Left and Right to turn, forward to thrust, spacebar to fire.
Invaders Classic space invaders! Shoot the little alians away before they land. Left and Right cursor keys, and space to fire
PacMan Use the cursor keys to move around the maze, Eat the special pills to give you the eating power!
Snake Choose your speed then use the cursor keys to move your snake around within the walls of your cage
Mariorampage Shoot away your enemy. Left Right cursor keys to move, Up Down cursor keys to aim, and spacebar to fire
Tetris Classic Tetris!
Lunar Lander Use the cursor keys to move your space ship against the earths gravity. Pick up the item and land safely on the pad to score.
Donkey Kong Save her! Without getting squashed. Use the cursor keys to move. (Recommand right clicking on game and zoom in)
Games list Asteroids game, Frogger game, Invaders game, Lunar Lander game, PacMan game, Snake game
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